1) Yes, my original goal was to play jazz music, but it turned out to be an unrealistic goal. Instead, I improved my music reading ability and finger dexterity.

2) Yes ma'am.

3) It wasn't really a matter of gaining knowledge, but ability.

4) I suppose the amelioration of my epistemic adroitness as regards my musical aptitude shall bear substantial consequence in the prospective endeavors which I am to undertake. The multitudinous metaphysical ruminations which transpired as my fingers danced mellifluously across the keyboard enhanced my cerebral capacity from an exiguous assortment of neurological signals into an intellectual cornucopia. I'm just kidding I don't really know what you mean by this question.

5) I would be less ambitious at the outset, as I think my unreasonable goals which I initially set for myself may have slightly impeded my ability to actually improve my fundamentals.

6) Getting much better at reading music and playing separate parts with both hands.