Sam's Project Proposal

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This should be a detailed description of what your project will be. What is the problem you are trying to solve? What concept are you going to be researching?

The problem I will be attempting to solve with this project is my musical illiteracy, and ignorance of jazz piano. I plan to use basic warm-ups and easy songs to teach myself how to read music more fluently (as opposed to taking five seconds to identify each note before I play it). Having achieved this, I will move on to researching the common techniques of jazz pianists. Such musicians as Art Tatum, Herbie Hancock, and Duke Ellington will give me some insight into the various styles of jazz piano, and though I don't expect to be able to play pieces of theirs, I think researching common elements in all of their songs will help me to understand the fundamentals.

Why did you choose this particular topic? What will be the ultimate benefit to mastering this concept/topic? How will you expand upon the concept for yourself and others?
The reasons I chose these two goals are because my lack of music reading ability has proved inhibitive in the past, and because I really enjoy jazz music, but unlike blues, rock, and classical music, I have never been able to play any jazz pieces on the piano. The reason for this, I think, is that jazz is not as concrete in its foundations as other styles of music, and tends to be much more varied in terms of key, time signature, and tempo. The benefits of learning how to read music are relatively self-evident: I will be able to take part more successfully in orchestral endeavors, and practice much more efficiently. I will also be able to grab a piece of music and play it as opposed to having to memorize it before I can play it. The benefits of learning jazz piano will be more subtle, but I feel that it would give me a more fundamental understanding of music, and a wider array of genres that I can play. I intend to use various resources, including (but not limited to) the digital booklets available in the music files, sheet music found online and given to me by my music teacher, videos from youtube about jazz theory and methods of learning piano, and theories about the best way to become musically literate (which I think I could find on the internet).

What are all the aspects of the topic that you will need to explore in order to become a master of the subject of study? Consider historical connections, techniques or skills required, connections to prior learning, etc. (You may add to this later as you learn more about the topic)
The aspects of music reading and jazz piano that I intend to explore are: fundamentals such as note reading in both clefs, reading symbols (ff, grace notes, etc.), rhythmic work, finger dexterity, proper fingering patterns, jazz theory (primarily chordal and chords to scale), and songs that I can learn.

Research Have you found some initial information on your topic? What resources are you planning to use to extend your knowledge of the subject?
Yes, my initial research is in my project journal. I have found a number of books, including some recommended to me by my drum teacher, who is a jazz fan. I will also use the immense amount of online resources available to me, such as websites with suggestions about how to learn jazz piano.

Outline of Process (Critical component of plan)What is the estimated time line for each part of your plan?
Music Theory Review:
-Note names treble*
-Note names bass*
-Music to keyboard
-Major/Minor scale construction*
I estimate that I will have to work on this for at least a couple of months until I have mastered it


Warmup Plan:
-Scale patterns
-Finger dexterity skills/Hannon
-251 in all keys
-Warmup into portfolio, revise as needed-confer with instructor
This will be my warm up for the entire year

Technical Exercises:
-Adding scales
-Chord Progressions*
-Integrated Theory*
-Post screenshots of all exercises
A few months

-Research major artists
-Find recordings
-Find sheet music to go with recordings
-Save recordings to portfolio
A couple of weeks

-Easy jazz solos, counterbalance w/ more challenging piece*
-Lead sheets
-Aebersold research-1
-Screenshots of music
-Recording of my performance (beginning middle and end)
A few months

*Integrated Theory:
-Chord progressions
-Lead sheets (Autumn Leaves)
*Accomplished by the midterm(5 weeks)

What will be the application of your research? How will you demonstrate your understanding of the concept? How will you use the information? How will you share this with others
Create a keynote w/screenshots, recordings, and outline of process.

Evaluation What specifically will make your project a success, both to you and to others?

Recording my progress and staying organized. Using the vast amount of resources which are available to me will also help me make this project a success.