Getting to know you:

1) I currently play drums and piano, and have played trombone and guitar in the past. I would say I'm an intermediate drummer, and a beginner pianist. My performance experience is limited to school concerts. I have taken music classes both inside of school and extracurricularly pretty much all my life, for various instruments.

2) I hope to improve my music reading skills, and be able to play much more fluently with both hands on piano. I would also like to gain a knowledge of jazz piano.

3) No

4) No

5) None so far

Self assessment: RATE EACH CATEGORY (5,3,1)
Road Maps-1


Road Maps-1
Note names in bass clef- 5
Note names in treble clef-5
Key Signature-1

Part 1

  • What does it mean to be 'successful'? Define Success. Success is achieving one's goal or goals
  • Create a list of personal qualities/characteristics associated with successful people. Successful people are generally ambitious, talented, and lucky. 
  • Can these qualities/characteristic be learned or are they innate? It's about 50-50, some qualities that lead to success can be learned, some are genetic or circumstantial advantages.
  • List a few resources including books, internet sites and course offerings that could assist a person seeking to become 'successful'. (Any information about one's profession will help them achieve success) I suppose any books on the subject in which one is attempting to achieve success, for example if you want to become a successful scientist, books such as Darwin's "Origin of the Species" might be useful. Internet sites serve essentially the same purpose, but with less reliability. It is advisable to glean information only from trustworthy websites.
  • Describe various circumstances that can contribute to becoming successful. Having a mentor or someone to inspire you to persevere in the face of adversity will help you become successful, as will getting a good education. Education gives you countless opportunities, and the more opportunities you have the more likely to succeed you are.

Part 2
  • Choose a successful INDIVIDUAL from the past or present (Abe Lincoln, Michael Jordon, Oprah, Obama, etc.) and describe why you perceive them to be successful. I would consider Albert Einstein a successful individual. I think his success is derived from a combination of extraordinary intelligence, unlikely circumstances, and a strong work ethic. These three things (a certain amount of natural talent, circumstances, and work ethic) are the basis of most success stories.
  • Choose a successful MUSICIAN from the past or present (Mozart, Wynton Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Ari Rudiakov, Sting) and describe why you perceive them to be successful. Bob Dylan was successful in combining multiple genres and infusing this new style of music with some of the greatest lyrics ever written. I think he achieved this success by having an enormous amount of musical and poetic talent, being the beneficiary of circumstances which gave him the opportunity to capitalize on these talents, and by working hard and being daring.
  • Were there similarities between each person's set of circumstances that led to their success? Both had (as I said before) talent, luck, and a strong work ethic.
  • What qualities, characteristics and circumstances do you believe YOU possess to be a successful person/musician? I wouldn't call myself musically gifted, but I think I have enough natural talent to become a successful musician if I work hard enough (and get lucky enough).