Browser- Choose an instrument

Attributes- Choose qualities you want to apply to your instrument

Master- Mess with the volume, input, quality, etc...

Effects- Put effects on your synth

Arpeggiator- Change length and force of each note

Easy/Morph- Like a mixing board

Expert- Advanced settings

You change the sound in a multitude of ways, you can mess with every single aspect of the sound in each of the windows listed above

Effects are different patches you can send your synth through to make it sound funkay

Cabinet makes it sound most like an electric guitar in my opinion

Chorus/Delay makes it sound like it's in a cave if you turn up the time and mess with the knobs a bit

The pitch wheel modulates pitch while holding a single note, you can control it with the keyboard in front of the computer

Makes a single note sound like multiple notes, but smoother, like a theramin

Very good


File, Audio and Midi settings

Everywhere pretty much

Synth, Attributes, Browser. Synth=controls effects Attributes=pretty self explanatory, controls what attributes the synth has Browser=A way to choose a variety of different sound options

Episode of 1991